9 February – Sunday Solos Series

Sunday SoloS Series #16 will close the season, and for this a special event it’s prepared. Not only two formidable solo sets with Portuguese signature by cellist Ricardo Jacinto and drummer Nuno Morão but as well a final set by the trio THE SELVA will be presented.

Sunday SoloS Series is a platform that focuses on free improvised and contemporary music, promoting innovative and creative ideas. 
The program will bring together artists from the international experimental and avant-garde community and will happen once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, at Attent project space (Projectruimte Attent – Stichting Otje). The program is curated by Gonçalo Almeida.

Each event will debut two solo sets, within the field of improvised and modern contemporary music. New, inventive, and creative performances will be the primary focus of this concert series.

Entree €3 / Entrance €3 
Door: 15:30
Concert: 16:00

Keep tuned for some good Sunday afternoons solo music.

Once again living music in the moment at Attent space in the nice Oud Charlois neighborhood!