Antenne: Singing Club of Rotterdam – Cassette Release Party

Antenne: Singing Club of Rotterdam – Cassette Release Party

Open air get-together *slash* live happening, driven by alternative voice explorations.

When: Fri 4 September 2020 open: 19:00 | start: 19:30 | end live sets: 22:00

Where: Attent, Struitenweg 52, 3082 WX Rotterdam

Admission: €5,- (Bring cash, no PIN / Pre-sale advised!)


Singing Club of Rotterdam came to existence in the early days of 2019 as an alternative choir exploring ways of singing and listening together. In recent months they’ve been “learning to not give a f*&$”, and even more recently: “how to listen to all of their voices”. Towards the end of last year they already took us on an unforgettable trip. Now, with this event, they are celebrating a strictly limited cassette release made in collaboration with Antenne. The tape features recordings from their club night at our bedroom venue last winter, and includes voices of Singing Club members and the audience present at that gig.

The night’s program will include special performances and DJ sets by Singing Club members, with the usual “anyone is free to join” approach. Expect a voice-only DJ set mixed by Ash & Robert, group jams led by Clara, Beyoncé tributes by Mylan, Merve & Linus (live), and much, MUCH more… Catering will be brought by Marloes, Jake and Bergur as ‘Margherita Margarita’, serving (you might already guess it) those two things which are carrying the same name. (Yes, there is a pizza oven!)

An eye will be kept on the visitor limit which has currently been set by the Dutch government. No reservations are required, but we recommend to place a pre-order – at reduced price – on our Bandcamp ( to secure your cassette and entrance for this event. We are asking visitors to be mindful of keeping space and distance.