Sunday Solos Series

Sunday SoloS Series #06 arrives, the last of the season, and Xmas edition 2018. For this occasion nothing better than two musicians from the finest and most experienced Rotterdam’s improvisation cellars. Johanna Monk will bring us her sounds on reeds with tasteful and elegant textural colors. The strings from Lukas Simonis guitar will resonate with preparations of all kind of objects stick into them, along with UFO devices that could be worth of study for NASA most experienced engineers. 

Sunday SoloS Series #06 // Johanna Monk & Lukas Simonis
16.00 / 18.00 uur

Entree €3 / Entrance €3 
Door: 15:30
Concert: 16:00

Once again living music in the moment at Attent space in the nice Oud Charlois neighborhood !